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May 18, 2013

Call For MoHud Cars – Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Spring Invitational & Auto Show

Attention Competition Car Owners!

Mohawk-Hudson Region will once again have a display presence at the upcoming Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Spring Invitational and Auto Show, Friday and Saturday, May 17th – 18th. MoHud will need to provide cars on the Saturday portion of the event, in our usual spot in front of the SAM. We use this opportunity to do some outreach to the public and answer questions about the SCCA, our region, and how to participate in our activities. I’ll be looking for 10-14 interesting vehicles from both Club Racing and Solo. The SAM usually gives us free tickets for our volunteers to visit the Auto Show portion of the event.  It’s a great event and as long as the weather cooperates participants have a good time.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact me and let me know (518.858.4082 or

Please note – The rain date for this event is Sunday, May 19th – a smart change the SAM is instituting this year.  Those of us who have attended the last few years know too well how smart that addition is.  Ability to attend only Saturday’s scheduled date doesn’t preclude you from volunteering your car and attendance, but it will be helpful to have the majority of volunteers able to bring their cars either day if the weather dictates a switch to Sunday’s inclusion.

4 comments to Call For MoHud Cars – Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Spring Invitational & Auto Show

  • Karl Danneil

    I have decided not to go to Rhode Island for the Industrial Archaeology tour. So I expect to be at the Saratoga Auto event on Sat May 18 with the Jaguar Club with the 1989 XJS v12, and can also bring the Fiero 1988 with Turbo engine if you still want it for the MoHud lineup.

  • EJ

    Karl – we would love to have your Fiero for the display. Please bring your car between 8-8:30am that morning. Thanks!

  • Tom Murphy

    Recently got an 83″ FF Vadiemen. Can I just show up on 6/15/15 or do I need to regester?

  • EJ Smith

    Hi Tom, this post was for our event 2 years ago, and was for our exhibit at the SAM’s traditional Spring car show held every May. Look for info on the 2015 call for cars.

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