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Constitution and By-laws


of the



Revised March 1989



The Club

Section 1.

 The name of the club shall be the Mohawk-Hudson Region, Sports Car Club, Inc., hereinafter called the Club.


Section 2.

The general purpose of the Club shall be to encourage the ownership and operation of Sports Cars; to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for Sports Cars and their owners; sponsor and promote competition events; act as a source of technical information; establish rules and regulations covering all activities of the Club; encourage safe, careful and skillful driving on the public highways; enter into contractual agreements, purchase, sell mortgage, lease real and personal property, as incidental to the foregoing purposes.



Section 1.

The elected officers of the Club shall be a Regional Executive, two (2) Directors-at-Large, an Assistant Regional Executive, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Director. They shall each serve for one year, or until their successors are qualified and elected. They shall constitute the Board of Directors, hereinafter called the Board. The Directors-at-Large shall have previously held an elective office.


Section 2.

In case a vacancy shall occur in any of said offices, a majority of the Board shall select a qualified member in good standing to fill the vacancy until the next annual meeting.


Section 3.

The Board shall be responsible for all operations and activities of the Club and shall be guided by the following priorities in the order listed:

A. National Constitution, By-Laws and Policy

B. SCCA Operations Manual

C. Mohawk-Hudson Region Constitution and By-Laws

D. Majority vote of the members present and voting at a duly constituted meeting of the members.

E. Majority vote of the Board.

F. Majority vote of appointed committee.


Section 4.

The Board shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of no less than three members in good standing of the Club who shall present a slate of nominees at the regular November meeting. Any ten (10) members in good standing may nominate a member in good standing as a candidate for office. Such nomination must be made in writing, signed by the members making the nomination, countersigned by the member so nominated signifying his willingness to accept the candidacy and delivered to the Secretary at the regular November meeting. Nominees for Director-at-Large must have previously served in an elective capacity. The Secretary shall prepare a ballot containing the names of all persons nominated. The Secretary shall mail said ballot to each member in good standing by-with notice of the annual meeting, under the provisions of Article V, Section 4. of these By-Laws.



Duties of Officers


Section 1.

The Regional Executive shall preside at all meetings of the members and officers and shall perform the duties usually appertaining to this office. He may call special meetings of members under the provisions of Article V, Section 3. He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club.


In addition he shall:

A. Appoint Administrative Chairmen and committees as necessary subject to approval of a majority of the Board.

B. Act for the Treasurer when the need arises. He shall give bond, at the Club’s expense.

C. Appoint an audit committee each year to review the Club’s financial records. This committee will report it’s findings to the Board one month after receiving the annual financial report prepared by the Treasurer.


In the absence of the Regional Executive, or in the case of his death, resignation, or inability to act the duties usually appertaining to that office shall be performed by the Assistant Regional Executive.


Section 2.

The Assistant Regional Executive shall assist the Regional Executive in the performance of any of the executive duties as the Regional Executive may delegate.

In the absence of the Regional Executive from regular of Board meetings, the Assistant Regional Executive shall perform the normal duties of the Regional Executive. The Assistant Regional Executive is responsible for the inventory and management of Club property.


Section 3.

The Secretary, or designated representative, shall attend all meetings of the members and Board and shall record all minutes and votes. In addition the Secretary shall:

A. Maintain a current membership list.

B. Give notice of all meetings of the members or Board as required by law and this Constitution.

C. Perform all duties incident to the office, or as required by law or the Board.

D. Maintain a current copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 4.

The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies, debts, obligations belonging to the Club. He shall make all payments of the Club’s debts. He shall collect Regional Club dues required by National Policy. All contracts, checks, drafts, notes or other orders for payment or money shall be signed in the name of the Club by the Treasurer or, in his absence, by the Regional Executive subject to such other conditions and requirements as appear elsewhere in the Constitution. He shall give bond, at Club expense.


The Treasurer shall give a report on the financial status of the Club at all Regular meetings, and if so requested, at any other meeting. A majority of the Board of Directors may appoint an Assistant Treasurer to act in the absence or incapacity of the Treasurer.


The Treasurer shall submit an annual financial report to the Board no later than January 31st of the following year. This statement should indicate the overall financial status of the Club and the relative contribution of each major area of the Club activity to that status, including administrative and other expenses and income.


Section 5.

The Board shall submit for membership approval a proposed annual budget for the ensuing year no later than the Regular February meeting.


Section 6.

No obligation, debt, or other liability shall be incurred by any officer or member without the specific prior approval of a majority of the Board, with the exception of Event Chairpersons while operating within previously approved budgets.


Section 7.

It shall be the duties of the Activities Director to arrange all events for the year as specified under Article I Section 1, Section 2., of this Constitution. The Activities

Director shall submit to the members a tentative schedule for the ensuing year at the regular February meeting and keep members advised as to events of other local Sports Car Clubs and any changes in the schedule. The Activities Director shall maintain and make available, a permanent file of all event instructions, course maps, route instructions, event general and supplemental regulations and car classifications.


Section 8.

There shall be a Regional Protest Board consisting of the Activities Director and both Directors-at-Large who shall resolve all protests lodged by competitors in any event except where otherwise provided in event or other regulations. Decisions of the Protest Board shall be final. In case one or more of the above named is directly involved in such a protest, they shall be replaced by the Regional Executive, Assistant Regional Executive, Secretary, Treasurer, in that order.


Section 9.

The Competition Chairman, appointed by the Regional Executive, shall act as the Liaison between the Competition Board of the SCCA, Inc. and the Region and its members. He shall be responsible for enforcing all Competition Regulations SCCA, Inc. within the Region. He will approve competition drivers in accordance with SCCA, Inc. regulations. He will keep the members of the Region informed of changes in Competition Regulations, procedures, schedules of Drivees Schools, races, and other matters which pertain to the Competition Program of SCCA, Inc.



Membership and Dues

Section 1.

All members in good standing of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., residing in the counties of Albany, Clinton, Columbia, Essex, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren and Washington of the State of New York, shall constitute the members of the Club.


Section 2.

New Members: Applications for membership in the Mohawk-Hudson Region, Sports Car Club, Inc., and the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., shall be forwarded to the National Office of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., for processing. The applicant shall be considered a member in good standing upon receipt of the application and annual dues by the National Office.


Section 3.

The annual Region Club Dues may be changed only by a majority of the members present and voting at a meeting the purpose of such meeting having been announced in the Club’s publication at least thirty (30) days prior to such meeting, and any such change in dues shall take effect in accordance with National Policy.


Section 4.

Membership in the Club will automatically lapse for non-payment of dues concurrent with National deadlines.


Section 5.

Any member may be suspended until the next Regular meeting for infraction of Club rules by vote of a majority of the Board, or for other cause if a majority of the Board shall deem such suspension to be in the best interest of the Club. Upon such suspension, the member shall be so informed in writing and shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard thereon before the Board. Any member suspended as provided above shall be presented at the next regular meeting for expulsion and shall be expelled if the majority of the members present and voting, vote to expel him or her. If the majority of the members present and voting do not vote expulsion, the member shall automatically and immediately be re-instated as a member in good standing. The vote shall be by secret ballot.


Section 6.

Any member may resign by directing a letter of resignation to the Secretary. His resignation shall be effective on receipt provided all indebtedness to the Club is paid.



Meetings and Members

Section 1.

The annual meeting of the Region shall be held at the regular meeting in December of each year for the election of officers, and such other business as lawfully may come before the meeting.


A written notice, stating the place, day, hour, and purpose of the annual meeting or any special meeting of the Region shall be given by the Secretary not less than seven days nor more than thirty (30) days before such meeting to each member by mailing first class, to the address appearing on the Club’s Roster, said notice.


Section 2.

Other meeting of the Members or Board may be called by the Regional Executive or by a majority of the Board.


Section 3.

Board meetings shall be scheduled by the Regional Executive. All actions taken by the Board shall be entered into the minutes and be presented to the membership for information at the next regular meeting.


Section 4.

All action, except amendment of the Constitution and By-Laws, shall be by a majority vote of those members present and voting. Voting by absentee ballot, except for amendment of the Constitution shall not be allowed, except with approval of the majority of the Board in accordance with the rules they prescribe and with notice to all members.


Section 5.

All meeting shall be conducted in accordance with the latest published revision of Roberts Rules of Order.


Amendment of the Constitution and By-Laws

Section 1.

The Board of Directors, or any five members in good standing, by written petition submitted to the Secretary, may propose an amendment to the Constitution or By- Laws. Upon such proposal being made, a copy thereof shall be included in a notice of the next meeting of the members, together with a ballot upon which members may vote for or against said proposal. If two-thirds of the ballots cast favor the proposal, the proposed amendment shall thereby be approved and adopted.



Fiscal Year

Section 1.

The fiscal year of the Club shall be the Calendar year.