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Knock Off

The Knock Off is the official publication of the Mohawk-Hudson Region of the Sports Car Club of America and one more benefit of membership. Note that opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of MoHud or of SCCA.

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Knock Off Archives

Read through all of the past Knock Offs here dating back to August 2005. Come across a dead link? I’ve done my best to avoid them, but I’m not aware unless you let me know about it!

2018/02February 2018 Solo Awards Review, Upcoming Season Calendar, Notable Member Anniversaries.
2018/01January 2018 Annual Meeting and Awards Roundup, Jim Garry's Solo Nationals
2017/12December 2017 Highways to History Rally, Holtz Award Winner, NEDiv MiniCon, RunOffs Stories
2017/11November 2017 Season End: Banquet Registration Details, Submit Worker & Racer Points!, Campbells at the Runoffs
2017/09September 2017 Runoffs and Solo Nationals Prep, MoHud Solo Update, SAM Auction
2017/08August 2017 Reports, Solo Bits, The Knock Off Journal
2017/07July 2017 Reports, Go-kart & Golfing outings, Progress for MoHud drivers in the Journal.
2017/06June 2017 Reports, SCCA's New Leader, MoHud @ SAM, Honor Thy Brakes, Yuven’s Progress, Chasing a Rabbit, Campbell Racing
2017/05May 2017 Street Survival Wrap-up, Help Wanted, Tech Party Pics, Tom Campbell's ViR Majors Report
2017/04The REAL April 2017 Tech Party North (Country), Waivers, 4 Points Rally Recap
2017/04*April Fools 2017 SCCA National President, Club Racing and Solo classes, Rally, Mug Comparo
2017/03March 2017 MoHud Rally, National Convention Report
2017/02February 2017 MoHud wins Tom Burke Award, UAlbany Basketball Night, Banquet Pics
2017/01January 2017 Award Banquet Review, Solo National Tale
2016/12December 2016 Street Survival, McCarty Ave Paved!, Peter Chester Reminisces...
2016/11November 2016
2016/10October 2016 Reports, Bus Graphics, Solo Nationals
2016/09September 2016 August GoKart Meeting, Your Pics Wanted, November TRSS Announced.
2016/08August 2016 MoHud's 60th Anniversary Party, Solo & Race reports, Upcoming events
2016/07July 2016 (1.1 MB)Reel 'em In, PIRC From Two Racers' Perspectives, Reports.
2016/06June 2016 (3.1 MB)SAM Autoshow, Street Survival, "THE" Filing Cabinet, and more...
2016/05May 2016 (1.6 MB)Lime Rock "Track Pass", Call For Show Cars, Solo Updates
2016/04April 2016 (1.9 MB)Street Survival, Call For Cars, 2 Tech Parties, What to Expect at Solo
2016/03March 2016 (2.0 MB)Andy's Big Adventure, Reports
2016/02February 2016 (2.0 MB)Formula F, Reports
2016/01January 2016 (2.5 MB)New RE, MiniCon Report, Banquet Pics!
2015/12December 2015 (2.5 MB)MiniCon Report, Into The Woods Rally Report, December Reports
2015/11November 2015 (1.8 MB)MiniCon Update, Awards Banquet, Daytona Stories, Lost Speedways
2015/10October 2015 (1.7 MB)MiniCon Info, Annual Banquet Preview, TRSS & Solo Reports
2015/09September 2015 (2.6 MB)Summer racing results, Consider Becoming the KO Editor
2015/08August 2015 (4.2 MB)July Sprints, MoHud Solo Standings, Seeking a New KO Editor.
2015/07July 2015 (5.6 MB)Street Survival Announced, NER & MoHud Join Forces for Thompson Race, Solo Season Update
2015/06June 2015 (5.6 MB)SAM Show, Club Trial at TSMP, Tech Party North, Track Nights In America
2015/05May 2015 (6.2 MB)Tech Party Highlights, MoHud @ 12 Hours of Sebring, National Convention Summary
2015/04April 2015 (4.4 MB)Amelia Island Concours, Tech Party
2015/03March 2015 (2.7 MB)Snowflake Rally Results, Spring Roundtable Preview, MoHud Constitution & By-laws.
2015/02February 2015 (2.7 MB)Snowflake Rally, 2015 Season News and Notes.
2015/01January 2015 (3.7 MB)2014 Annual Award Banquet, Arn & Diane's Solo Nationals Write-ups, 2015 Club Racing Schedule.
2014/12December 2014 (1.2 MB)2014 Results, Mini-Con Report, 2015 NEDiv Schedule Update, & more!
2014/11November 2014 (1.1 MB)Season end, banquet details
2014/10October 2014 (1.7 MB)Finger Lakes Fun One, Golf Outing, MoHud Nostalgia
2014/09September 2014 (2 MB)Remembering Bill Morris, Go-kart Night
2014/08August 2014 (1.5 MB)Thompson Then and Now, Guptill's Night, Go-kart and John Stim Memorial news
2014/07July 2014 (2.7 MB)Positive Thompson Speedway feedback, Guptill's Night, NHMS Race
2014/06June 2014 (3.1 MB)Devil In The Dark Class winning story, gokarts and golf outing, Thompson International Speedway
2014/05May 2014 (2.4 MB)Tech party, solo sched
2014/04April 2014 (3 MB)Spring is here!
2014/03March 2014 (1.3 MB)Prelim autocross schedule
2014/02Feb 2014 (2.3 MB)Gearing up for 2014
2014/01Jan 2014 (852 KB)Happy new year! Election results
2013/12Dec 2013 (4.1 MB)Solo and rally reports, National writeup, December banquet info
2013/11Nov 2013 (1.4 MB)50th National Champsionship Runoffs report, end of solo season
2013/09-10Sept-Oct 2013 (700 KB)golf outing, solo wrapups, reports
2013/08August 2013 (4.8 MB)PDX/race/car show wrapups
2013/07July 2013 (1.8 MB)Coming up soon: John Stim Memorial Race
2013/06June 2013 (1.3 MB)Saratoga Auto Museum show write-up, upcoming events
2013/05May 2013 (1.1 MB)Racing tech party, first solo events write-up
2013/04April 2013 (1.1 MB)National convention, division reports, 2013 solo sked
2013/03March 2013 (1.4 MB)Skip Barber, first MoHud member, inducted in SCCA Hall of Fame; karting photos
2013/02February 2013 (1 MB)Plans, dates for 2013 season!
2013/01January 2013 (1.7 MB)Look ahead and banquet pics
2012/12December 2012 (1 MB)Rally writeup, annual banquet — see you there!
2012/11November 2012 (1.3 MB)Changing seasons, solo season wrapup
2012/10October 2012 (1.7 MB)Salute to workers, solo wrapup, National reports
2012/09September 2012 (1.4 MB)Summer outings and another Street Survival
2012/08August 2012 (2.1 MB)Street Survival upcoming, August events
2012/07July 2012 (1.3 MB)Race season in full swing! Street Survival write-up, RIP Linda O’Connor
2012/06June 2012 (4.9 MB)John Stim Preview, car show results
2012/05May 2012 (1.9 MB)tech party kicks off season
2012/04April 2012 (1.9 MB)National Convention write-ups from Las Vegas, reports
2012/03March 2012 (895 KB)Reports, Cambell Bros club racing write-up
2012/02February 2012 (854 KB)Tentative 2012 solo and race dates
2012/01January 2012 (1.2 MB)Awards banquet, winter karting series
2011/12December 2011 (1.8 MB)Lincoln national write-ups, reports
2011/11November 2011 (1.8 MB)PDX and Lincoln nationals report, banquet, Runoff results
2011/10October 2011 (1.8 MB)Street Survival wrap-up, reports
2011/09September 2011 (864 KB)Duck tour and other activities, Sheridan At the Cup, Saratoga Auto Museum
2011/08August 2011 (6.4 MB)LRP race report, duck tour photos
2011/07July 2011 (1.3 MB)Upcoming activities, race info, and reports
2011/06June 2011 (4.3 MB)New race season, reports, website, activities
2011/05May 2011 (1.9 MB) (addendum)Scenes from the tech party, roundtable reports
2011/04April 2011 (1.4 MB)scenes from seasons past, '10 roundtable, reports
2011/03March 2011 (2.3 MB)Coverage of the SCCA National Convention in Las Vegas, w/ photos
2011/02February 2011 (2.4 MB)New Asst. R.E. is Jim Bucci, Hill and Dale, Bergs and Hollows rally canceled
2011/01January 2011 (2.9 MB)Tom Campbell named Pro Racing Chairman, Awards banquet, w/ photos
2010/12December 2010 (2.4 MB)Jack's farewell as RE, annual banquet details, reports
2010/11-10October-November 2010 (645 KB)National Runoffs Report, annual banquet details
2010/09September 2010 (875 KB)Karting and golfing results and photos, PDX info
2010/08August 2010 (1 MB)Hillclimb article, NE National Tour Report, new solo site, July Sprints at the Glen
2010/07July 2010 (778 KB)Golf and kart outing details, Jack and Lisa in Ireland
2010/06June 2010 (2.9 MB)Race results and report, photos
2010/05May 2010 (644 KB)Dave McClumpha, "MoHud's Conscience," gone too soon, John Stim National race schedule, tech party photos
2010/04April 2010 (150 KB)Spring is here, NEDiv Roundtable photos and report
2010/03March 2010 (450 KB)Las Vegas National Convention report, annual tech details, Ken Hurd solo article
2010/02February 2010 (133 KB)Open letter to NEDIV National Drivers, NARRC Banquet, NEDiv Round Table, PDX event in the works
2010/01January 2010 (1 MB)Banquet photos, awards, Jim Garry "Lesson Learned in Lincoln," solo year-end report, NYRRC photos from the Glen
2009/11November 2009 (290 KB)
2009/10October 2009 (416 KB)
2009/09September 2009 (783 KB)
2009/08August 2009 (485 KB)
2009/07July 2009 (193 KB)
2009/06June 2009 (502 KB)
2009/05May 2009 (501 KB)
2009/04April 2009 (216 KB)
2009/03March 2009 (548 KB)
SCCA historic racing story
2009/02February2009 (236 KB)
2009/01January 2009 (269 KB)
2008/12December 2008 (295 KB)
2008/11November 2008 (723 KB)
2008/10October 2008 (458 KB)
2008/09September 2008 (676 KB)
2008/08August 2008 (625 KB)
2008/07July 2008 (368 KB)
2008/06June 2008 (372 KB)
2008/05May 2008 (313 KB)
2008/04April 2008 (2.3 MB)
2008/03March 2008 (2 MB)
2008/02February 2008 (1.2 MB)
2008/01January 2008 (2.5 MB)
2007/12December 2007 (2.1 MB)
2007/11November 2007 (2.7 MB)
2007/09September 2007 (2.4 MB)
2007/08August2007 (2.8 MB)
2007/07July 2007 (3.8 MB)
2007/05May 2007 (3.3 MB)
2007/04April 2007 (4.3 MB)
2007/03March 2007 (4.4 MB)
2007/02February 2007 (3.8 MB)
2007/01January2007 (3.9 MB)
2006/12December 2006 (3.9 MB)
2006/11November 2006 (3.4 MB)
2006/10October 2006 (3.4 MB)
2006/09September 2006 (2.1 MB)
2006/08August 2006 (2 MB)
2006/07July 2006 (1.5 MB)
2006/06June 2006 (2.4 MB)
2006/05May 2006 (3.6 MB)
2006/04April 2006 (1.9 MB)
2006/03March 2006 (909 KB)
2006/02February 2006 (566 KB)
2006/01January 2006 (1.3 MB)
2005/12December 2005 (1 MB)
2005/11November 2005 (1 MB)
2005/10October 2005 (1.6 MB)
2005/09September 2005 (1.5 MB)
2005/08August 2005 (878 KB)