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Hand signals are mandatory — the driver here is exiting the track


Friday July 12th Mohud will be holding a PDX in conjunction with the first day of the John Stim memorial race at the challenging Lime Rock Park full 1.56-mile course. Lime Rock Park is about 1 to 1.5 hours south of Albany. Since this is a “race” weekend, we will have to observe sound regulations (88dB or less) for the first hour of the PDX (until 10:00 am).

We will then alternate sessions with the race groups on track. Come out and drive with your fellow MoHud racers, workers and crew!

The 2013 event is upcoming!
The 2012 PDX happened last year.
And the 2011 event.

MoHud PDX events are open to any SCCA member with a valid driver’s license and a car that meets safety requirements. A $15 temporary membership is available for the weekend for those who are not yet club members.

This is not a racing school but rather a high performance car control clinic on a race circuit under close supervision by instructors. You will be taught the fine art of car control and fundamentals of vehicle dynamics. You will be able to learn the capabilities of your car and improve your driving skills at speeds that are not permitted on public roads. All drivers will be instructed on safety regulations and general track etiquette.

Instruction is provided in-car and in classroom by our experienced cadre of performance drivers, many of whom you might be familiar with from Patroon BMWCCA.

In addition to the “Pre-Event Safety Inspection,” which the driver is required to have performed, an “On-Site Safety Inspection” will be performed at the site in the morning, prior to you getting out on track. Cars failing the on-site inspection will not be permitted on the track. No refunds will be given for cars failing the on-site inspection.

The front straight at Monticello Motor Club, 2010

PDX Event Forms

So You Think You Want To Be A Racer

Run at different track locations throughout the country, the PDX provides an instructional environment for drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle. True to the “run what ya brung” adage, all it takes to be a part is your street car, a valid license and a helmet.

If you’re interested in more information of how to get from the sidelines to the racetrack, you might also want to check out the book Go Ahead – Take the Wheel.

Scenes from MoHud’s 2010 PDX at Monticello Motor Club

MoHud’s track day at Monticello earned the club recognition at the 2010 National Convention, held in Las Vegas, for “Best PDX in the Northeast Region in 2010.”

The morning paddock earlier in the morning during MoHud's 2010 PDX at Monticello.

It is generally advisable to stay off the grass. If you do go off, remain off and wait for instruction from the nearest visible worker station.