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Road Racing (*new naming for 2018!)

MoHud’s 2015 Regional race — The John Stim Memorial — will take place at Thompson Motorsports Park as part of New England Region’s races. Stay tuned for more details.

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What are: The Rules

The General Competition Rules and Specifications, known to many as the GCR, is the complete Club Racing rulebook. The GCR covers everything, from flags to logbooks to cage construction to car classification. It is also a requirement for every racer to have access to the GCR during a competition weekend. Currently, you can purchase a physical book on, or you can download a free copy by going to and clicking on the “Cars and Rules” link.

Club Racing Archives

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Club Racing contacts

  • MoHud’s competition chair is Jack Hanifan. Contact Jack to learn how to get started in racing.
  • Pete Smith is licensing chair for MoHud and NeDIV.

How do I go racing?

Are you ready to take that step from watching road racing to getting behind the wheel? It’s not an easy process, but SCCA has produced more road racers than anyone, so you’re in good hands.

These are step-by-step instructions and guidance which will help you obtain an SCCA Competition License. If, upon reading this guide, you have questions or special requests, the Licensing Specialists at the SCCA National Office will be happy to help you. Write/Phone/e-mail them at P. O. Box 19400, Topeka, KS 66619-0400; 1-800-770-2055, or

Jack Hanifan is MoHud’s competition chair. Contact him to learn more about club racing and how to get started.

We realize that you probably have many questions on how to begin racing. How much does it all cost, what tips are there to keep expenses in check, what options are there for obtaining a race car, and many other questions are answered in this free online resource at There’s also a free mentor program you can take advantage of.


  1. Join the SCCA
  2. Submit your Paperwork
  3. Prepare to enter an SCCA racing Driving School Event
  4. Driver School Checklist
  5. SCCA Regional Competition License…and Beyond

Depending upon your previous racing experience, some or all of your licensing requirements may be waived by the Chief Steward of your SCCA Driver School or by your Divisional Licensing Administrator.

— Adapted from SCCA Go Racing

Noteworthy rule changes for 2012 club racing

(From Jack Hanifan’s Competition Report in the February 2012 Knock Off)

D. Displaying Minimum Weight

Except for classes in which there is only 1 required minimum weight (i.e., ASR, FB, FC, FE, FF, FM, FS, FST, FV, SM5, SRF), all cars shall display the correct minimum weight specified in the current GCR in a manner that is clearly legible to the scrutineers at the scales. Cars that are run in more than one class must display the correct minimum weight for each class so that it is clear which weight applies to each class.

The above rule change appears in the February GCR, it is a change from the original rule which detailed the size of the numbers and letters. Use common sense and help our tech workers. Remember, sometimes the workers read the numbers from drivers right and sometimes from drivers left. Place your weight on both sides of the race car and make it large enough to be legible.

Helmet Requirements

2 Crash helmets approved by the Snell Foundation with Snell sticker 2005 or later Special Application (SA2005) or SAH2010, or by the SFI with a SFI Sticker SFI 31.1, or by the FIA standard 8860-2004 or later, or British Standards Institute BS6658-85 type A/FR. The back of each driver’s helmet shall be labeled with a minimum of the driver’s name. Effective 1/1/12 the use of a head and neck restraint system that has been certified in accordance with SFI 38.1, FIA 8858-2002 or 8858-2010 is required; an SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2002 or 8858-2010 label must be properly affixed to the device.

Accident damaged helmets should be sent by the driver or his or her representative to the Snell Memorial Foundation, 3628 Madison Ave., North Highland, CA. 95660 (ph) 916-331-5073 (attn. Edward B. Becker). Details of the accident should be included. Freon based total loss helmet cooling systems are not allowed.

As stated above, SA2000 helmets are no longer compliant, SA2005 and SA2010 are OK.

Head and Neck Restraint Systems – As stated above head and neck restraint systems are mandatory as of January 1, 2012. Note that the system must also have a SFI or FIA sticker. This means if you have a HANS or other device without a sticker, you have to send it back to the manufacturer go get it re-certified.