Winter Karting 2013

ED: As of 1/27, the Feb. 16th event has 10 open spots. See below for more details

Per EJ:

MoHud is holding our annual winter kart outings. We currently have 2 events scheduled at Checkers Out Speedway, and will likely schedule a third at Pole Position in Syracuse, NY.

Same routine as last year: we’re hoping for a minimum of 10 entrants per event, max of 20.

Cost: is $400 for the hour of track time, split between all the entrants, so cost will range between $20-$40 per person. SCCA membership not necessary. Please bring cash – a $20 or two and some smaller bills is always helpful. You will also need to pay a one-time $10 license fee for the season.

Helmets: bring your own or rent; only requirement is it be DOT approved. Helmets with shields or other eye protection is recommended. Helmet rentals are available; you pay $5 for a headsock, which you can either keep or return for a return of your $5.

Clothing: Tends to be cold in the track portion of the facility, so dress in layers. I recommend having some gloves with you, too. Footwear that you can feel pedals with is also helpful.

Questions? Last minute issues? Contact EJ at


Checkers Out Speedway (Karting)
2299 State Highway 30A, Johnstown, NY
indoor slick track oval


  • 1:30 pm – fill out license paperwork, pay for license and registration
  • 2:00 pm – 1st group on track

There are topics on  our Facebook group, too.

Registration is online via — YOU NEED TO SIGNUP

January 19, 2013 event

Febuary 16, 2013 event