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MoHud does not currently organize a RallyCross program. If you would like us to and you’re volunteering, great, contact our Regional Executive or another applicable chair.

Other clubs within driving distance do put on dirt events, including the following listed below. Watch for notices posted in our RallyCross forums.

RallyCross Links

What is RallyCross?

RallyCross (“RallyX”) is usually run on dirt, gravel, and/or mud, but sometimes includes short tarmac sections, at speeds usually no higher than 60mph (similar to Solo). It is considered a very affordable form of extreme dirt racing in which having the most expensive equipment and well-prepared car does not ensure victory.

This sport can be a lasting hobby with enough challenges and variety to keep you interested and honing your craft for years. It has also been used by drivers to maintain, sharpen, or develop their car control skills and, for some, has given them the confidence to go on to Hill Climbs, stage rally, and beyond.

RallyCross courses are designed to be technically challenging for all cars in attendance and are run at speeds that may seem slow to the uninitiated, but are almost too fast once you’re behind the wheel. Courses are as free as possible from objects like trees, buildings, and rocks that could cause damage to a vehicle, and they’re designed the so the average street car can endure the challenges presented without damage or clearance issues.

The courses are marked by a series of cones, which score the same as they would at an SCCA Solo event should you hit one (two-second penalty for every displaced cone). Unlike Solo, however, times for each run are added up to a total elapsed time for the event.

— Excerpted from “Want to play in the dirt? Here’s everything you need to know” in the March 2012 issue of Sports Car