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Solo (AutoCross)

Complete Rules & Regulations

Updated July 2013: View Here

“Solo II is a precision sport, much like, say, archery, riflery or golf. You must be precise and consistent, all the while driving so fast you can barely concentrate.” — Mark Sirota

Solo events (also known as autocrosses) are an all forward motion driving skill contest. Each driver is individually timed to the thousandth of a second, over a short, miniature road course clearly defined using traffic cones. Cars compete one at a time, hence the name “Solo”, in a class with similar cars. An event can be held on any flat paved surface, usually a parking lot, or airport apron or runway.

Solo emphasizes driver skill and vehicle handling rather than just speed. The corners are tight, and there are lots of them, so the driving is exciting and challenging. Solo speeds do not exceed those normally encountered in highway driving.

The skills you learn and practice here; smooth transitions, enhanced braking, and skid correction, will have an immediate impact on improving the safety and skill of your street driving. Solo is an excellent way to teach car control to young drivers in a safe environment.

Solo is also a very social sport, filled with some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. The camaraderie of the drivers is a special part of autocrossing that is profoundly satisfying.
— Solo II Novice Handbook

Online Registration for MoHud autocross events continues to be considered for but it hasn’t gotten the green light yet. When we do go with it, it won’t be mandatory and morning-of registrants are welcomed. You will still need to check in at the timing tent, showing your valid drivers license and SCCA membership card if you claim to be a member, as well as have your car teched if you haven’t opted for annual tech.

Latest Autocross News

  • Event 5 features a new aspect: sunny weather Tuesday, August 4, 2015 On Sunday, August 2nd, 2015, MoHud SCCA held its fifth Solo event of the 2015 season at McCarty Ave lot.  58 entrants came out to enjoy a rare dry day of sunshine and autocross, and also to see if they could solidify a spot in their respective class championships.  Jeff Grossbard, a former course designer ...
  • 60 Solo Entrants Battle Weather & Each Other for Bragging Rights Tuesday, June 16, 2015 60 brave souls took to the McCarty Ave OGS parking lot for Round 2 of the 2015 MoHud Solo season on Sunday, May 31st.  The morning started out warm and muggy, with temps in the low 70’s, but as registration for the event came to a close, a cold wind descended and the temperature dropped ...
  • 55 Solo Entrants Kick Off the 2015 Solo Season Sunday, May 3, 2015 Beautiful sunny weather and the desperate need to cure the cabin fever that afflicted many this past winter combined to bring out 55 entrants to Event 1 of the 2015 MoHud Solo season. The event took place at the OGS McCarty Ave lot, our sole Solo site for the foreseeable future. Some MoHud organizers were absent ...
  • 2014 Solo Awards – Mea Culpa Sunday, January 25, 2015 From MoHud Solo Timing & Scoring Chief, Eric Smith: It was recently brought to my attention that there were some apparent errors made during the Solo Awards portion of the 2014 Annual Awards Banquet and Membership Meeting. A competitor pointed out that they were announced during the Solo season awards as having a higher finish in ...
  • 2014 Awards Banquet, Troy Elks Lodge, December 6th, 2014 Monday, September 29, 2014 The Mohawk-Hudson Region SCCA will hold its 2014 Annual Awards Banquet and monthly meeting on Saturday, December 6th, 2014, at the Troy Elks Lodge. This is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate the accomplishments and successes of the 2014 Club Racing and Solo season. We will also look to support MoHud member ...
  • MoHud Announces 2013 Season Awards at Year-end Banquet Wednesday, December 18, 2013 On Saturday evening, December 7th, the Mohawk-Hudson Region held it’s annual season-ending banquet at the Troy Elks Club.  We had a good crowd of members and their guests come out for an evening of camaraderie, bench racing, laughs, and to recognize several members for their accomplishments and contributions both on and off the track this ...
  • Solo Event 4 Wrap-up – Fortitech, Sunday August 12th, 2012 Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Good weather and a great Solo course were the highlights of the day, along with a smorgasboard of vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and eras as MoHud’s Solo season rolls into the 2nd half.  Bert Huiest’s course proved its strength by resulting in virtually no off-course calls, minimal cone calls, and a lot of grins ...
  • Solo Events 2 & 3 Results Thursday, June 7, 2012 Event 2 (which spawned Event 3 – read on) was an interesting one, to say the least. We enjoyed some mild weather, but a quick rain shower caused some issues with traction on sealed pavement at the finish, necessitating a quick course change and a change in the event from one event of 6 runs, ...
  • Solo Event 1 Results Monday, May 7, 2012 We enjoyed good weather and a pretty good turn out for MoHud’s first Solo event of the 2012 season.  We had 52 entrants put in 6 runs at the OGS McCarty Ave lot.  Congrats to Will Schambach for turning in FTD in an E Mod Caterham 7.  Tentative results have been posted: Event 1 PAX results Event ...
  • Autocross Season Beginning Saturday, May 5, 2012 The first events of the 2012 season approach: this Saturday, May 5, our first test-and-tune at McCarty Ave. in Albany, and the following day, Sunday, May 6, our first points event at the same location. Shake out the cobwebs Saturday or be prepared to be humiliated Sunday! More Solo info. 2012 schedule of events. Don’t remember the schedule? ...

MoHud Solo

MoHud’s Solo program typically consists of seven to eight points events and a number of additional test and tunes each year. Our seasons run from late-April through mid-October. Points events are always held on Sundays, rain or shine, at several large parking lots throughout the Capital Region. This page will help you get up to speed and cone-hunting with us in no time, including general registration and timeline information, what you’ll need to attend an event, schedules, and the latest news.

For more information or any questions you may have, see below contact information for either of MoHud’s solo program co-chairs. Or try the Solo section of the forums.

Autocross Links

Registration Information

Typical Event Schedule

7:45 am — Registration and Tech open
8:30 am — Course open for walking
9:15 am — Registration closed ($10 late fee for late registration until tech closes)
9:30 am — Tech closed
10:00 am — Drivers Meeting
10:30 am — First Car Off

Events are typically run with drivers split into two heats or run groups, based on class. One group will run first, while the other group works, and then they switch. Normally you can expect three timed runs in the morning and three in the afternoon — more if we can squeeze them in, so get to your worker assignments. There is no real scheduled break for lunch so brown bag it.

3 – 4:00 pm onwards — end of event

Feel free to stick around for $2 “Fun Runs” if time allows at the end of the day. We have ended the informal trophy presentation that was normally held afterafter the cones are packed up at the end of the day

To qualify for the year-end championship, you must be a member by the end of the season and have competed in at least three events. Sound rules will be in effect at events. We ask that you please keep the cars as quiet as possible. The speed limit when not on course is a walking speed. Do not speed when arriving at and leaving the event.

To reserve a number for the season, mail your request to Russ Burckhard, Solo Chair, contact info below. Please include the following: first and last name, address, phone number, car make, model, and autocross class, and your SCCA member number and expiration date, if applicable. Number reservation is open to all. Please choose one number AND two alternates. SCCA members who ran with a particular class and number in the previous year are given priority.


SCCA Members — $30 entry fee each day
Non-Members — $30 entry fee each day plus $15 weekend membership

Solo Contacts

Russell Burckhard
19 Carpenter Drive
Schenectady, NY
Bruce Kosakoski
59 Hoffay Road
Averill Park, NY
518-674-8816 (home)