June racing competition report

by Jack Hanifan
originally included in the June 2011 Knock Off

Upcoming Events

NER is hosting a “Triple Regional” Memorial Day Weekend at NHMS. The event has two Sanction numbers and 3 individual races per class.

Racing Scene

The NNJR Double Regional was not well-attended, but the MoHud guys had a great time. Bob Karl Jr. made the most of the weekend by entering the Pro IT race and both SM and SM2: a total of seven races in two days. All of the MoHud cars were Miatas. Walt Ryan, Dylan Murcott and BK were in SM or SM2 and I was in FP.
Bob Karl Jr. finished 3rd in Pro IT, and had a 2nd and a 5th in SM. In SM2 he had two wins.
Dylan Murcott had 5th in Pro IT and finished 6th; 5th and 3rd in SM. BK Karl had a 5th, 4th and a 3rd in SM2.
Evan and Cassidy Karl played a big role in helping their dad, Bob Karl Jr., get the great finishes he had over the race weekend.
I managed to beat the other guy in the first race and he broke in the wet (British car) so I ran unopposed for the last two races but I had fun with a Mini and a Fiesta.
Pete Smith – My Crew Chief for the weekend was Pete Smith; Pete declined several invitations for a ride citing this 12 Hour race the previous weekend. He and the Subway SSM Miata took the 1st Place trophy home.
SM2 Miata Class – The rules for SM2 are very simple, the car has to be prepared to SM specs and must be a 1997 or later. The car is still legal for SM and if you wish you can “Double Dip”. NER and MoHud are offering discounts for “Double Dippers”, so check the Supps and think about running in two classes.