2011 John Stim Memorial report

by Russ Burckhard, originally published in the August 2011 Knock Off

The race was held on July 2nd at Lime Rock Park. It was a beautiful day, Sunny, high in the eighties with a slight breeze. For those that were at the race and don’t know me, I was the one that kept the workers and drivers stocked with nice cold water. I brought help with me to do this. My son Johnathon helped to carry the water and keep the buckets stocked. I received many thanks throughout the day, but it is I that want to thank all of the workers, drivers, and crews that allowed the 23rd annual John Stim Memorial and Dave Riggi Vee Fest to be such a great event. The combined efforts from the Northern New Jersey and the Mohawk Hudson Regions again made for another successful event. There were many other regions that had helped with the various chief and worker positions and I wish to thank them as well.

The day was filled with 9 races with a total of close to 40 classes. The races were all named in the memory of past members from both the NNJ and Mohawk Hudson Regions. The information below was taken from the entry list.

Race 1 was dedicated to Gene Birdsey. Gene was a pioneer for Mohud and as RE was responsible for getting our first race at Lime Rock.

Race 2 was dedicated to Paul Tariello. Paul was as good a mechanic as he was a driver. He would lend his help to his fellow competitors asking only for them to pay it forward. Paul served Mohud as Activities Director and Assistant RE.

Race 3 was dedicated to David Riggi. Dave was a mechanic by trade and a very competent driver with many wins and almost always at the top of his class. Dave never hesitated to help a fellow competitor in need. He served Mohud in several capacities including Assistant RE. Our region also gives an annual award in Dave’s Memory to a competitor that reflects his passion for racing and their willingness to help fellow competitors. His family continues to be a part of the MoHud family.

Race 4 was dedicated to William G Glitzow. Bill was an accomplished worker and driver. He served as Chief of Tech, Pit and Paddock, and as a Flagger. Bill served the NNJ Region by serving four terms as a Trustee, three terms as Membership Chair, Rallymaster, and Social Chair. He held most of these positions while also competing as a driver.

Race 5 was dedicated to Paul Hacker. Paul started off in autocross, moved to ice racing and then to SCCA Showroom Stock. He drove his car to the track, won, and then drove it home. Paul moved up to the Firestone Firehawk series in IMSA and kept his successes by winning many titles. Paul also hosted the annual go-kart outing for Mohud for a few years at his track.

Race 6 was dedicated to Vinny Blancuzzi. Vinny came into SCCA as a NNJR member and quickly earned his Flagging and Communication license as well as his Emergency Services license. In 2002 he was awarded the NESCCA Worker of the Year award. Workers like Vinny are the life line for all the clubs.

Race 7 was dedicated to Joe Deluca and Linda Gronlund. Joe and Linda were traveling to San Francisco on September 11th 2001 when their plane was high jacked by terrorists. Due to the heroism of all the passengers aboard, the plane did not make it to Washington DC. It crashed in Somerset County Pennsylvania killing everyone aboard. Linda was NNJR’s Flag Marshal. Joe was most recently NNJR’s Board Secretary. He had also been a Trustee, Assistant RE, RE, and newsletter editor.

Race 8 was dedicated to the Camerons. Harold and Mary Cameron who were long time Mohud members. Harold was a successful racer, winning several Regional Championships. His final years were devoted to the stewards program. Mary supported Harold and his racing career and she later became the Chief Registrar for Mohud and NYSIRA as well.

Race 9 was dedicated to Team McClumpha. Francis “Mac” and his wife Irma helped to form the Mohawk Hudson Region. Mac was a RE and Assistant RE and Irma was the Treasurer for a while back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Their children, Dave and Diane, grew up in the sport and later made many contributions. Dave just missed becoming a 50 year member. He served Mohud as an Assistant RE and RE as well as Club Historian. He had a great love of the sport and kept that spirit throughout his years as a member. Diane was a gifted artist with a special affection for Grand Prix racing. She also designed the Mohud logo.

I did not get a chance to watch as much of the racing as I would have liked because I was going to each station to drop off water. I did though get to see competition on the whole track. One of my highlights of the day was after dropping off some workers after lunch. I drove the van at a blistering 30 mph down the hill, through the final turn and onto pit lane.

by Jack Hanifan, originally in the August 2011 Knock off

John Stim Memorial and David Riggi Vee Fest

Thanks to all the MoHud members who entered.

SM-Dylan Murcott, Ken Lendrum, BK Karl, Jared Lendrum, Nick Karl, Adam Figarsky, Walt Ryan, Bob Karl Jr, and David Lendrum.
FC- Hilton Tallman, FF- Chip VanSlyke
FV-Dick Stewart 1st, Tyler Reynolds, Ron Bass, and Brian Baringer
ITE-Tom Hansen 2nd
ITA- Brian Blizzard 2nd, Tom McDermott
ITB-Leonard Clickman
SRF-Doug Garrison, HP- Jonathan Waterhouse 1st
SM2-David Lendrum 1st, BK Karl, Nick Karl, Tom McDermott, Les Apple, Bob Karl J
STL r.- Ken Lendrum 3rd, Jared Lendrum,
SSM- Pete Smith 1st, James Sheridan
HRG1-Dave Dartt 1st.
I hope I didn’t miss anyone, if I did please let me know. I have to thank the Karl and Lendrum families who provided 14 entries.