Solo Events 2 & 3 Results

Event 2 (which spawned Event 3 – read on) was an interesting one, to say the least. We enjoyed some mild weather, but a quick rain shower caused some issues with traction on sealed pavement at the finish, necessitating a quick course change and a change in the event from one event of 6 runs, to two events of 3 runs each.

The morning runs on the longer, original course became Event 2, and the afternoon runs on the shortened course then became Event 3.

Congrats to Will Schambach for FTD in both events.  Sam Krauss took top PAX for Event 2, and Russ Burckhard was top PAX for Event 3.

Season Championship Update

In Stock, Bill Bennett, Jeff Grossbard, and Phil Redington have made a habit of finishing 1-2-3 for the first 3 events, but last season’s Novice phenoms, the Lauria brothers, have now made a jump from this season’s Event 1’s Street Prepared and are hoping to break up that pattern.  Others are surely trying to do the same.

For Street Prepared, Bruce Kosakoski and Steve Jones have established themselves as the early favorites, but if Lyndon Peck’s two recent 1st place finishes are any indication of things to come after missing Event 1, things should get interesting as the season progresses.  Greg Cuda and Tom Moeller will also be in the chase.

Russ Burckhard has taken his usual place atop the Prepared and Modified standings, but Will Schambach’s  jump to Modified this season has him near the top.  Unfortunately the Schambach/Garry B Mod car won’t be running a full MoHud schedule, so the other top spots are still up for grabs.

In Street, Eric Smith, Bert Huiest, and Phil Shoemaker have staked claims to the top 3 spots, but no one has been able to build a safe lead.  Sam Krauss’ visit and two wins in Events 2 & 3 have kept things close for the region’s regulars.

(*Updated 6/7/12*) For Street Tire, newcomer Mike Chouinard and Paul Severino are battling for non-R-comp supremacy.  Severino seems to be picking up where he left off last season, but Chouinard has built a slim lead in the early part of the season.  DJ McArdle and Devin LeMoine are hot on their heels, but Nelson Guay’s two recent 1st place finishes are only held back by his absence from Event 1. This is a class to watch as the season progresses.

MoHud’s Novice class is proving very popular again this year, and Chris Sweeney is picking up where the Lauria’s left off last year, finishing no lower than 2nd in the first three events. Greg Pecore, Russ Gorman, and Bill Dergosits all have eyes for a season podium finish, but newcomer Ryan Wheeler could give Sweeney an additional challenge if Wheeler’s 1st and 2nd place finishes for Events 2 & 3 are any indication.  This will be a great one to watch.

Results for both events, along with updated season championship results, are tentative at this point: