2014 Solo Awards – Mea Culpa

From MoHud Solo Timing & Scoring Chief, Eric Smith:

It was recently brought to my attention that there were some apparent errors made during the Solo Awards portion of the 2014 Annual Awards Banquet and Membership Meeting. A competitor pointed out that they were announced during the Solo season awards as having a higher finish in the season standings than they had earned. I audited the results that were announced in Russ’ Solo Awards speech, and sure enough there were mistakes made with almost all of the positions announced.  This was ultimately my responsibility and I would like to apologize to all the attendees who were not announced in their correct season finishing position.

First the good news: all the class champions were correct as announced and were deserving of their 2014 Champion t-shirt. The bad news is the order of the remaining trophy winners was scrambled somehow in the presentation. The order is correct as listed in the season results on the website. I offered to proof read Russ’ speech, but I will admit I never checked the results as listed in the speech.  Lesson learned.

So, here are the correct award winners listed here as they should have been announced at the banquet:

Russ Burckhard – 1st
Carmine Russo – 2nd
Russ Gorman – 3rd
Andrew Bernstein – 4th
Adam Van Zandt – 5th
Phil Redington – 6th
Dave Cowie – 7th
Jon Kirschman – 8th
John Rogers – 9th
Sean Rogers – 10th

Street Prep
Bruce Kosakoski – 1st
Lyndon Peck – 2nd
Bill Bennett – 3rd
Tom Moeller – 4th

Jon Staude – 1st
Eric Smith – 2nd
Stephen Zavos – 3rd
Aashish Vemulapalli – 4th

Ray Nelson – 1st
Joe Cassidy – 2nd
Matt Wilson – 3rd
Vincent DePaul – 4th
Ben Moeller – 5th
Rey Waxali – 6th

Congratulations to all of the 2014 season trophy winners.