Be a DIYer of Trailer Maintenance

As many of our members own a trailer to tow their race vehicle to the track, Competition Chair Jack Hanifan has passed along this handy email containing a check list for trailer maintenance, courtesy of the good folks at
Learn what parts to check, how often to check them, and how to fix them if something is wrong with the help of our trailer maintenance schedule below.

And, enjoy your new title of DIY Maintenance Master!
George Jiggs

Recommended Trailer Maintenance Schedule

Item Inspection Required Each Trip 3 Mo. or 3,000 Mi. 6 Mo. or 6,000 Mi. 12 Mo. or 12,000 Mi. Replacement Parts Helpful Videos
Tires Check tire pressure and tread wear Tires
Lights Check for proper light functions Trailer Lights Trailer light kit install and test
Breakaway switch Pull pin and test for proper function Breakaway kits Breakaway install kit and test
Breakaway battery Check battery charge level Breakaway batteries
Trailer brakes Test braking function and performance Trailer brakes
Lug nuts
(wheel bolts)
Tighten to specified torque value Lug nuts and wheel bolts
Brake adjustment Test for proper drag (light drag) and adjust as needed Brake parts
Wheels Check for cracks or dents Wheels How to inspect a trailer wheel
Hub and drum assemblies Check for scoring or wear Hubs and drums Hub and drum inspection
Wheel bearings Repack bearings and check for damage or wear Bearings and races How to repack bearings
Seals Check for damage or leaks Seals
Brake assemblies Check internal parts for wear, leaks, or damage Brake assemblies
Brake magnets Check for wear and replace if surface is grooved or copper windings are exposed Brake magnets Replacing a brake magnet
Hydraulic brakes Bleed brakes and change brake fluid Brake bleeders Brake bleeding
Springs Check for broken or flattened springs Leaf springs Slipper spring and double-eye spring replacement
Suspension Check for worn or loose fasteners and shackle link wear Suspension parts