Area 10 Director Election

The Area 10 Director position will be coming up for election this month. Two individuals have announced their candidacies for the Area 10 Director position, succeeding current director Earl Hurlbut. The Mohawk-Hudson Region is within Area 10 and thus these candidates will be representing us on the SCCA Board of Directors. Ballots will be going out between October 15th and November 15th, 2019, to all current Area 10 MoHud members.

The following materials have been submitted by each candidate for your consideration:

Hi let me introduce myself, my name is Chuck Dobbs Jr. and I am running for the Area 10 Directors seat on the board for SCCA. I have been a member for 40 years and have enjoyed my time in the club. I have been a member of the Glen Region my whole time in the club. During that time, I have been the region’s flag marshal, assistant Regional Executive, Regional Executive, board member numerous times, on the comp board, and presently am a member of the board for the Glen Region.
As you can see, I care about the club and would like to see the club continue to grow and continue to offer a place where people can enjoy automotive competition in any form. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and vote for me for Area !0 Director, when you receive your ballot.



My name is Chris Whaley and I’m running to represent SCCA Area 10 on the National Board of Directors.

  I am a life member of SCCA and currently the Central New York Region Secretary. I would deeply appreciate your support in the election for Area 10 Director.

If provided the chance to represent Area 10, I will work diligently to develop methods that help our Regions to increase club membership, which assist in strengthening the club’s public awareness at both the national and regional levels.  We have seen an ever-increasing trend of younger car enthusiast move away from the traditional core SCCA programs into more diverse activities. Many of our smaller Regions are seeing this effect in reduced event attendance. It is my promise to discover methods that bridge the widening cultural shift of potential members away from our club and bring them back into our great hobby.

Motorsports is and has been a core part of my entire life.  Thus, I strive to provide whatever I possibly can to maintain the future of our club in this ever-changing social environment.  For our Regions to grow, the club requires the financial resources combined with the national backing required to implement growth.  As our Regions grow then the whole SCCA organization benefits from the strength we provide.  

My background in motorsports covers many diverse disciplines ranging from amateur and professional AMA motorcycle racing (Motocross and Road Racing), Vintage Spec Ford, Formula Continental, Group 12 cars along with PCA club racing.  Our family business has been just as diverse as I grew up with my father drag racing motorcycles and street stock cars while owning a local motorcycle dealership. During the last 20 years I have owned and operated a design / manufacturing company that specializes in the motorsports industry.  Many of our clients have been professional racing teams including numerous club racers in the PCA, SCCA and NASA clubs. All of this passion provides an individual eager to represent Area 10 that has a driver / builder / owner perspective. 

As the Area 10 Director I will always be open to your suggestions and ideas you might have in regard to how we can achieve our goals. 

Most importantly, I would appreciate your vote in October.

Kindest Regards,

Chris Whaley