September 2016 Solo Report

From Solo Chair Russ Burckhard:

We held our fourth points event of the season on August 21st. The weather for this event was quite a bit different from what we have been having. It was a constant struggle with the wind. In an effort to keep the tent from ending up either broken or in another county, we took the top off. This worked well until it started to sprinkle. So the top went back on. The sprinkle was short lived and the wind was relentless so the top came back off. Another sprinkle came through so the top went back on. This time we left the tent at the lowest setting to keep it out of the wind. This was a good compromise and worked for the rest of the event. The showers we had were short and light enough where they didn’t wet the course so the event was not affected by them. It did finally start raining, but that was after we were loaded, the lot was checked for trash, and we were just hanging out talking.

57 competitors came out to run out of which 14 were listed as novices. During the novice walk though I asked how they found out about us. The two basic answers I heard were either on the web or referred by a friend. Our efforts to entice people from Guptil’s have not panned out this year as of yet. We have had a lot of interest, but no entries as of yet. On August 14th Johnathon and I had to work at the Tuner in the Park car show at the Saratoga Auto Museum. Tracey brought our car up and put on our competition stickers on the Focus and entered it in the show. While she was there, she talked to many people and handed out a bunch of flyers promoting the club. While I don’t believe we had anyone come and enter, we had a few show up to check out what we do (thank you for your efforts Tracey).

Jon Kirschman was handed a curve ball at this event. Someone had parked their Jeep in about the worst possible spot in the lot. His design was not going to be able to be done as he planned so he made one up on the fly. He did a good job. The result was a short, technical, and fun course. Competitors times ran from the low 20’s to the low 30’s. The FTD and top PAX was set by the same person. Ian Morse drove the 89 Raptor F Mod car to the top of both lists with his run of 22.816. The fastest fendered car was Andy Furlong in the Atomic Rabbit, running a 24.777. The top of the PAX list belonged to Ian Morse with Jon Staude just .06 behind in his 89 Honda Civic. Andy Furlong held third, Jose Martinez ran fourth, and Tom Taft rounded out the top five on the PAX list. Top class winners were Jon Staude in the Pro class, Jose Martinez in Street, Charles Dickenson in CAMS, Ian Morse in Prepared/Modified, Adam Torrey in Touring/Modified, Austen Levesque in Street Prepared, and Johnathon Burckhard in Kart. Full results can be found at

Update on the bus. We finally have graphics. Thanks to Mike Squier at Squier Design for working with us to get this done.

Upcoming Schedule
September 25  Points event 5    McCarty Ave
October 9         Points event 6    McCarty Ave

Other local autocross events
Sept 18             PSCC                    Hudson Valley Mall
Oct 16               PSCC                    Lake Taghkanic

PDX events (track events)
Oct 15-16         Patroon BMW     Palmer Motorsports Park