August 2016 Solo Report – by Russ Burckhard

We held our third point’s event of the season on July 24th. The weather was another bright, sunny, and hot day. The temperatures had climbed well up into the 90°’s.  A slight breeze took a little bit of the edge off of the heat, but not much. If you were like me and not smart enough to use sun block, you came home with a sunburn.

60 competitors came out to run and may or may not have noticed a change of some of our key people. It is that time of the year where life happens. Vacations, interviews, what have you, caused some absences. Usually we have been lucky and only had no more than 1 person missing at an event. This time we had multiples. Fortunately we had other competitors step up and take over for the missing people. So I hope that the ones that could not make it had a good time and accomplished what they needed to do. I also want to thank them for what they do when they are here. To the people that stepped up and filled in, thank you as well. You did a great job and it is appreciated.

We had the highest amount of novices this year as 18 were listed as novices (welcome to all and thanks for coming). Jon Kirschman continues to bring fresh ideas to his course designs. His designs seem to be liked by many as he received a round of applause at the drivers meeting and by the many praises of the course that I hear throughout the day. Competitors times ran from the low 30’s to the mid 50’s. There was a shakeup at the top of the speed lists. The FTD was set by the same vehicle as last two events but this time the 89 Raptor F Mod car was driven to the top spot by Saul Morse’s 16 year old son Ian Morse. Ian’s run of 31.6 was over a second and a quarter faster than his dad’s. The fastest fendered car was Lyndon Peck in his 95 BMW 318ti, running a 34.9. The top of the PAX list belonged to Ian Morse with Joe Lagdao just .03 behind in a2015 WRX. Phil Reddington held third, Russ Gorman ran fourth, and Jose Martinez rounded out the top five on the Pax list. Top class winners were Phil Reddington in the Pro class, Joe Lagdao in Street, Charles Dickenson in CAMS, Ian Morse in Prepared/Modified, Adam Torrey in Touring/Modified, Adam Wright in Street Prepared, and Johnathon Burckhard, who did exceptionally well in his Kart setting the 8th fastest raw time. Full results can be found at

Update on the bus: David Peters acquired a seat for us (thanks Dave!) and I installed it prior to the last Guptil’s event. It is much easier to be able to transport people (in this case my kids) with the bus. Hopefully I will have more to report on the graphics next month.

Upcoming Schedule
August 21 Points event 4 McCarty Ave
Sept 25 Points event 5 McCarty Ave
October 9 Points event 6 McCarty Ave

Other local autocross events
Sept 17-18 Tri Vettes Edinburg NY
Sept 18 PSCC Hudson Valley Mall
Oct 16 PSCC Lake Taghkanic

PDX events (track events)
Sept 10 Patroon BMW Lime Rock
Oct 15-16 Patroon & CVC BMW Palmer Motorsport Park